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College's 2017 "freshman Cup" basketball match begins
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In order to meet the arrival of the 2017 class new students and enrich the campus cultural life, the 2017 "welcome Cup" basketball match was officially opened at the college basketball court in the afternoon of October 16th.
The opening ceremony of the "welcome to the new cup" is based on the requirements of the regulations on the management of students' activities of the College: to make the students' activities and students become master, to cultivate the students' ability to carry out their activities independently and to play the main role of "self management, self-education and self service" for students, and to organize the students to organize them to carry out their activities. . Representatives of the student union, representatives of all the student representatives, all the referees, athletes and representatives of the participating classes attended the opening ceremony.
In the 2017 academic year, the "welcome Cup" basketball tournament was officially launched in the appeal of the academy "walking out of the dormitory, walking down the network and heading for the playground". Through this activity, we hope to enhance friendship and interaction between students, strengthen the relationship between classes, and also show the campus atmosphere of vigorous and youthful vitality.
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