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The Institute held a fire prevention and control meeting in the spring and Ming Dynasty
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In the afternoon of November 22nd, the College held a meeting in the second conference room for fire prevention and control in the winter and the spring of winter. Vice secretary of the Party committee of the college, Cui Bangjun, deputy secretary of the Party committee Huang Meiyu, vice president Xie Zhaoming, Long Guangtao, Kong Jie, Zheng Haidong, and the heads of department departments to attend the meeting.
The meeting first focused on the video of Daxing fire investigation. Combined with video, President Cui Bangjun emphasized the importance of fire prevention and control work at the meeting. He pointed out that fire prevention and control "prevention" is the fundamental word, the relevant departments should do a good job in fire hazard investigation, and cut off the possibility of accidents.
Subsequently, Zheng Haidong, vice president of the college, read the relevant documents of the college at the meeting and reported the results of the fire hazard investigation in the college. The results of the investigation show that there is a hidden safety hazard in the third teaching building of the college. We hope that the relevant departments should repair the work immediately. At the same time, there is a case of irregularities or overloading of the heater in individual offices, and the leadership of the Department is required to do a good job of supervision.
After listening to the report of the work, President Cui Bangjun once again stressed the importance of doing a good job of doing a good job of safety hazard investigation, and asked the relevant departments to cooperate actively to eliminate hidden dangers in time and create a safe and harmonious campus environment. At the same time, he made a request for the safety work of his butt down: first, we should carry out a full range of fire safety and safety inspection work - all departments and departments should organize and check the work in time and report the results to relevant departments within the time limit; two, we should do a good job of teaching and educating teachers and students, saving each other and saving themselves. Set up safety awareness and work together to create a harmonious and stable campus environment.
Finally, the leaders of the college and the department heads signed the responsibility letter of fire work, and implemented the responsibility of fire fighting to departments to jointly safeguard campus safety.
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