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The school takes part in the videophone conference on infectious disease prevention and control throughout the state.
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In order to enhance the ability to prevent and control infectious diseases in schools and improve the awareness and prevention of infectious diseases by teachers and students, in November 22nd, the television conference on infectious diseases prevention and control of schools in the state was held at the Qiandongnan state health planning committee. The staff of the students and the medical staff of the school attended the meeting. The director of the CDC informed the state of the epidemic of infectious diseases in the state, and the State Education Bureau and the State Health Planning Commission had arranged for the prevention and control of school infectious diseases respectively.
According to the spirit of the conference, the student work department attaches great importance to strengthening publicity and education and conscientiously implementing: first, the Department (hospital), counselor should pay attention to the physical condition of the students, strengthen the management of attendance, pay attention to the situation of the students who are absent from the disease, and find the abnormal report immediately; two is to carry out the prevention and control of infectious diseases, "the prevention and treatment of infectious diseases", " College AIDS prevention education for college students is the theme class meeting education, popularizing the related knowledge of preventing infectious diseases and enhancing students' awareness of prevention and control of disease. Three, strengthening the management of campus health, regular examination of the classroom, toilet, dorm and other public areas, education and training of students' good health through labor courses. Have habits.

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