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The college holds the thirty-eighth track and field sports meeting and the tenth session of the faculty games.
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In the afternoon of April 13th, the thirty-eighth track and field meeting and the tenth session of the staff sports meeting were held in the academic report hall of the third teaching building. Cui Bangjun and Huang Meiyu, deputy secretary of the Party committee, attended the meeting. The meeting was chaired by the basic minister Xu Xiang, the members of the organizing committee, the referees, the staff and the counselors. Attend the meeting。
At the meeting, Cui Bangjun, the dean of the college, pointed out that the track and field sports meeting is not only a large regular event of the college every year, but also an important quality education activity for the students. Therefore, all departments should attach great importance to it and cooperate actively. In order to open a good sports meeting, he put forward six requirements: first, the organization and personnel department should do a good job management for all departments; two is the referee staff should be in time to ensure the smooth sports meeting; three is the referee must be fair and fair, conscientiously perform the responsibility of the referee; four is a counselor organized the class students to participate in sports games At the same time, we should strictly manage the attendance of students during the sports meeting, strengthen the safety education of the students during the games, such as strictly prohibit the swimming of the river in the next river, strictly prohibit the late return and night without return, and so on. Five is to prepare for the class according to the weather conditions, and the six is to do a good job during the sports meeting from the school teachers and students from the river and Jinping. Reception service work.
Through the high attention and careful deployment of the college leaders, the thirty-eighth track and field meeting of the college and the tenth session of the staff sports meeting will be carried out in an orderly manner, providing a good platform for teachers and students to show the style of the sports.

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