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The college gives a fire-fighting machine to strengthen the fire work of the village
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In the morning of April 18th, in order to strengthen the fire fighting work of gang Fu Village, prevent and reduce the fire hazards and protect the safety of the villagers' lives and property. The Institute has organized more than 3 yuan of funds to purchase three sets of rural fire fighting machines to the village village village, each set of fire engines including fire pumps, fire hose and fire water guns. Sitting in the village of three small villages has fundamentally solved the shortage of fire facilities in the three villages of bang Zhai, Kou Dong and Zhai Zhai.
According to the instructions and requirements of the college leaders, after the fire engine was sent to the village committee, the work group of the synchronous well off group checked and checked the fire engine equipment. The distribution personnel carried out on-site commissioning and pumping tests on the fire engines to ensure that the fire engines were in good condition. Subsequently, small village firemen were organized to conduct operational training and maintenance knowledge training to ensure that firemen were proficient in operation when fire occurred.
At present, in the season of high incidence of fire in spring, the college added three fire engines to the village in time, which solved the urgent need of the village, and provided a guarantee for preventing and reducing the occurrence of fire accidents. Once again, the academy has won the recognition and praise of the villagers.
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