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Guizhou Electronic Information Technology Vocational Colllege is approved by the Ministry of Education of the state, and is an independent full-time vocational and technical college, which covers mainly engineering as well as science, managing, economics.

The college is appointed as the training base of numerical control and computer application and software technology by the Ministry of Education. Our college has won many awards such as "Advanced College of Vocational Education of Guizhou" Fine school environment awards for higher education of Guizhou" and so on.

The college is located in the city of Kaili with an area of 400 kilometers, in which building covering an area of 220,000 square meters. Its fixed assets reaches 200 million RMB with 70 million on teaching facilities. It has mechanical and electrical technology, electronic technology, computer technology, auto maintenance technology and so on, about 20 training bases, and has machining, mold design, CAD, digital circuit, electronic measurement, network technology, nearly 60 labs, more than 100 alien training base and a library with an volume of 520,000 books. The number of full-time students reaches 9500 with 3000 qualified students annually walking to work place. The number of its staff is 503 with 415 teaching staff in which there are 105 professors and associate professors. The college has six departments and one ministry, namely electromechanical department, automation engineering departments, computer science department,  management department, electronic engineering department, communication department and elementary department, which open 46 majors such as mold design and manufacturing, mechatronics technology, numerical control technology, computer application technology, computer network technology, electronic commerce, advertising design and production, marketing, application of electronic technology, communication technology, computerized accounting, etc. Among all the majors, mechatronics technology is the example for the reform of vocational teaching and competitive major.

So far, college and xiamen friend of company, guangdong addzon group, zhejiang sinocom carried out cooperations such as field work and running of order, and more than 60 inside and outside of the home enterprise cooperation, established a long-term and stable training practice base, to ensure that the graduates field work rate was 100%. Because of "combining work started early, made outstanding achievements, guizhou provincial department of education will be our hospital from listed as guizhou province" work-integrated learning "pilot vocational colleges.

For outstanding its achievements, Jiang zemin, HuQiLi, WeiYu, and leaders of other 14 provinces, cities and autonomous regions such as chairman of the country's leading comrades have visited college , and school running achievements to fully affirmed, effectively promoted the development of the college. After 40years' efforts, the college has built a beautiful campus, the political learned person and prosperity of the new situation, are on the national famous construction, guizhou first-class vocational colleges goal but work hard to struggle!


School Motto: to seek knowledge and to foster virtue

Meaning: to study hard and gain all kinds of knowledge and to develop noble virtue. Try to become an qualified talent when serve the society.

School Spirits: civilized, diligent, dedicated, creative

Meaning: all the students and teachers should behave themselves in speaking and communication, we should love the school and your own undertaking, and to make creation which will ensure breakthrough in teaching and scientific research. Our goal is to build a renowned and top college.

ADDRESS:No.1 Hualian Road,Kaili City,Guizhou 

 Zip code:  556000

TEL :+86-0855-8225460
FAX: +86-0855-8270152

E-mail: 205yb@163.com


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