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Students, friends:
      Welcome to visit our hospital website, Thank you for your interest and support of the College.
      Guizhou Institute of Electronics & Information Technology was founded in 1973, was formerly the Radio Technical School in Guizhou, was directly under the Ministry of Electronics Industry is one of eight secondary school in 2000, approved by the Ministry of Education, Guizhou Province became the first independent full-set one of Vocational and Technical College system. College is located in the National Excellent Tourism City - Kaili City, Guizhou Province, the existing staff 497 people, more than 9500 students in an area of ??400 acres.
      Over the years, the College conscientiously implement the Party's education policy to run people's satisfaction as the goal of vocational education, students focus on overall quality. Adhere to the student-centered, competency-based philosophy of education, respect for individuality, abilities, so that all students learn anything, learn something; adhere to the "zero distance teaching and practice, graduated from the posts zero transition" as the goal, great implementation of school-enterprise cooperation, alternately, the school run into the factory, the factory introduced the school to enable students to understand the business during the school, familiar positions, effectively enhancing the employability and competitiveness of students, to ensure that the graduate employment rate has been at 98% or more, the formation of the employment Xing - Xing Admissions - School Xing a virtuous circle.In recent years, the College has been awarded the "National Advanced Unit of vocational education", "National Advanced School career guidance", "Guizhou Province, advanced vocational education units," "beautiful campus colleges and universities in Guizhou Province", "advanced unit in Guizhou Province Green" Honor. Facing the new era, new tasks, new challenges, the College will adhere to the stable, coordinated, comprehensive development of the scientific concept of development, innovation and development, in the development of innovative efforts to improve the overall strength of the college, the college into a national well-known, first-class Guizhou Vocational and Technical College.
      I wish all the students academic success!
      Good care and support of alumni and friends in hospital construction and development of their health, career development!


Party Secretary: Qiu Xingping  Director: Cui  Bangjun
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