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The Electronic Communication Department has six majors including Communication Technology, Mobile Communication Technology, Microelectronics Technique, Applied Electronic Technology, Electronic Information Engineering Technology, and Electronic Design Automation (EDA). The Electronic Design Automation (EDA) major is a joint program between SZIIT and University of Central Lancashire (UK), and students of the program will be able to obtain a bachelor’s degree accredited by both China and the UK.

The Electronic Communication Department has a well qualified teaching staff with the highest standards. The department has 52 staff members including 14 professors and associate professors, 19 Ph.D. holders, 16 Master’s Degree holders and 21 dual-qualifications instructors. Since the department’s founding seven years ago, there have been numerous education and research developments. The teachers of this department have published eight nationally appointed textbooks on higher vocational education of information engineering, undertaken over 20 province-level and institution-level scientific research projects, and participated in a National Science Fund project; they have also fostered a nation-level exemplary course, Mobile Telephone Testing and Maintenance, and a province-level exemplary course, Digital Communications Technology. Communications Technology major was awarded as a Guangdong Province Exemplary Major in May, 2006.

The Electronic Communication Department has invested more than 10 million RMB in building 10 first-class national training centers, including the Electronic Technology Training Center, Mobile Communication System Training Center, and Digital and Signal System Simulating Training Center. The Department also established a work-integrated learning base with well-known enterprises like ZTE Corporation, GuiZhou Lan De Industrial Co., Ltd., GuiZhou Ze Hui Tong Communication Technology Co., Ltd., Wei Ge Electronics (GuiZhou) Co., Ltd., GuiZhou Yun Hai Communication Co., Ltd., GuiZhou Tian Yin Technology Development Co., Ltd., etc.

Teams from our department won, twice, the second prize in the National Electronic Design Competition and a number of province-level prizes. The Department achieved great success by winning the second prize in the National Mathematical Modeling Competition and one first, one second, and one third prize at the provincial level.
        The Electronic Communication Department graduates have a wide range of job opportunities and are able to take up jobs in the fields of electronics, communications, finance, metro, manufacturing, etc. Since 2006, the employment rate of graduates has been kept at 100%. Annually more than 20 graduates of the department are recruited by GuiZhou metro. Many students find employment in Unicom and other telecommunications companies. This department signed an order-based training agreement with ZTE Co., Ltd. Graduates who meet the personnel training requirements are hired preferably by ZTE Co.

Communication Technology

Training Objectives

The mission of Communication Technology is to train students to be professionals highly-skilled in communication technology. For this goal, we have established a curriculum which combines work and learning through cooperation with enterprises. We have also integrated certificate-acquisition into daily teaching activities. At the core of the curriculum are communication-engineering courses covering data networks,transmission networks, program-controlled switching networks and mobile communication networks. The Department adopts a “2+1” education model, which means students study for 2 years on campus and work for 1 year in an enterprise before they graduate.

Main Courses

Computer-aided design (electronic CAD) Certificate, Analog Electronics 1 (circuit, low frequency, high frequency, integrated), Digital electronics 1 (digital electronics, Single-Chip Microprocessor, C51, integrated), digital communication technology, program-controlled switches testing certificate courses, computer network technology, practical communication network technology, communication network fundamentals, mobile communication technology, the user communication terminal maintenance certificate courses, fiber optic communications equipment, communications product marketing, English skills training (Ⅰ, Ⅱ, Ⅲ).

Career prospects

GuiZhou and the Pearl River Delta region is an important communications industry base in China. As a leader in the Hi-tech industry of GuiZhou, the communication industry chain is led by telecom companies, joined by equipment manufacturers, system integrators, and content providers. This chain brings together some 4,500 sizable communication companies. GuiZhou has become the world's production base of communication equipments and mobile communication equipments.

While GuiZhou needs over 11,000 communication technology personnel annually, the number of college graduates available in this field is less than 1,000. Therefore, graduates of the communication major are very competitive in the job market.

Graduates majored in communication technology are capable of working in such enterprises as telecommunication companies, mobile communication companies, communication application divisions of enterprises and public institutions, and other departments that develop, produce and sell communications products. They are also eligible to work in communication engineering companies and communication industry management sectors engaging in such fields as supporting development, production and operation management, communication-system installation, maintenance, sales and technical services.。

Mobile Communication Technology

Training objective

The aim of this major is to instill students with basic theoretical knowledge and strong practical ability for technical, marketing, and management job positions in the field of mobile communication operation, mobile communications manufacturing, and other mobile communication technology-related industry.

Main Courses

Circuits and electronics, application of high frequency communication circuits, the usage of electronic test instrumentation equipment, C language programming, digital circuits, single-chip system design and application, digital communication theory, computer network fundamentals, electronic engineering computer-aided design, mobile communications fundamentals and equipments, mobile terminals fundamentals and maintenance, mobile switching and signaling, network optimization fundamentals, introduction of mobile chips and development environment.

Career Prospect

GuiZhou mobile communication industry has been in the forefront of the country and has become the largest mobile communication industry base in China. As the mobile communication industry in GuiZhou develops at both a high-speed and a large-scale, there will continue to be great demand for relevant highly-skilled personnel.

After three years of study, mobile communication students will be armed with solid professional skills and strong professional capability. They will show their talents in GuiZhou mobile operator companies (China Mobile, China Unicom, etc.), mobile communication equipment manufacturers, mobile communication and electronic devices repair and sales companies, as well as other medium-to-large size companies’ production, management, equipment installation, maintenance, technical services, marketing, and other relevant positions.

Microelectronics Technology

Training objectives

Students of this major are required to master basic knowledge of microelectronics technology and obtain professional skills that prepare them to be hi-tech personnel engaging in integrated circuit layout design, integrated circuit manufacturing process design and application, chip packaging and testing, embedded systems engineering application, integrated circuit product management, and sales of integrated circuit products.

Main Courses

Circuits and analog electronics, digital electronics, electronic engineering computer-aided design, integrated circuit technology fundamentals , C language programming, microcontroller system design and application, VHDL / Verilog hardware description languages, integrated circuit design, FPGA / CPLD logic devices and application , and design and practice of integrated circuit layout, integrated circuit electronics marketing, electronic engineering drawing (AutoCAD).

Career Prospect

Following the steps of United States, Japan, and South Korea, China is to become one of the world’s major integrated circuit manufacturing bases in the near future. As IT industry expands in GuiZhou, there is an extreme shortage of highly-skilled personnel majored in microelectronics technology in our country. There will be a demand for about 300,000 IC design and manufacturing personnel.

Application of Electronic Technology

Training Objectives

The aim of this major is to instill students with a basic knowledge of electronic circuits and good skills in electronic design automation technology, electronic measurement instruments, modern electronic technology, and basic computer operation. Students are expected to be familiar with printed circuit board (PCB) design and testing. They are trained to be highly skilled technical personnel engaging in electronic products and equipment testing and maintenance, the process management of the electronic product manufacturing, and commonly-used electronic instrumentation maintenance and equipment management.

Main Courses

Circuit Analysis, analog and digital electronics, programming, microcontroller system design and application, electronic engineering computer-aided design, electronic design automation (EDA), electronic product manufacturing processes, and the usage of electronic instrumentation.

Career prospect

As a window of China’s Reform and Opening-up policy, GuiZhou leads the country in the construction and development of the electronic information industry. GuiZhou embraces China’s largest distribution center for electronic components, most advanced electronics manufacturers, and best electronic product R & D base. As the electronics industry develops and expands, the procurement and sales of electronic products continue to grow, and so does the scale of their production and application. The demand for highly skilled technical personnel is huge.

Our graduates can find employment in simple electronic design, simulation and circuits testing. In the production sector they can work in assembly, welding, testing, quality control and management. Other employments include marketing and sales of electronic products as well as technical services.

Electronic Information Engineering Technology

Training Objective

Students of this major are expected to master basic computer theory and basic skills of information engineering. They obtain the professional skills that prepare them to be senior technical personnel involved in electronic technology, information technology, computer technology and related fields. They are trained for jobs in application, testing, and maintenance while advancing practical capacity and their ability to innovate.。

Main Courses

Circuit Analysis, Electronics, Single-Chip micro-processor & Applications Fundamentals, Computer & Programming, Electronic Design Automation, FPGA Principles & Technique, Electronic Measurement & Intelligent Instruments, Computer Communications & Networks, Integrated Circuit Technology & Design, Circuit Design & Simulation, Electronic Product Design and etc.

Career Prospect

This Department is a composite department of Electronic Information Technology and Computer Science Technology. Graduates have a wide range of job opportunities and can find jobs in FPGA Design and Development, Electronics Circuit Verification, or can work in departments of electronics product design, simulation and testing. They are also good candidates for manufacturing, developing, maintaining, applying and process implementing of the Electronic Devices and Information Systems. Moreover, they can work in the communication technology, computer application technology, multimedia technology, network maintenance, information management and marketing, etc.

Electronic Design Automation (EDA) Program

Program Description

This cooperative effort was approved by the Education Committee of Guangdong Province and the Ministry of Education of the Central Government (record number: PDE44GB3A20060070N). Since the autumn of 2006, University of Central Lancashire (UK) and the GuiZhou Institute of Information Technology have collaborated on the construction of majors related to electronic design automation (information systems management and electronic engineering, etc.). This joint program offers a bachelor’s degree with ‘2+1’ or ‘2+2’ mode (2 years in China and 1 or 2 years in UK).

Candidates who pass required examinations may be enrolled by University of Central Lancashire with no requirement for taking IELTS or TOEFL tests. In the first two years, students study in GuiZhou Institute of Information Technology, and for the third year or both the third and fourth year, they study in the Department of Technology in University of Central Lancashire, Preston, UK. After completing their studies, students receive bachelor’s degrees, and graduation certificates awarded by University of Central Lancashire. The program is worked out by the Department of Technology of the University of Central Lancashire. The program uses original English textbooks, and classroom teaching is carried out in English. (The first year is a transitional period when both English and Chinese will be used). University of Central Lancashire also offers master’s and doctor’s degrees. Students who graduate from this program with excellent grades may apply to continue their studies in the UK.

Teaching Objective and Employment Prospect

This major aims to cultivate highly-skilled application–oriented technical personnel engaging in Electronics and Information Products Manufacturing and Integrated Circuit (IC). For this goal, the curriculum tries to combine electronic information and computer software, so that students have an extensive Electronic Engineering Foundation and master Electronic Design Automation (EDA) Technology and Development Tools. Moreover, they can independently undertake designing and testing of printed circuit boards, and designing and programming of electronic systems. They are required to acquire Modern Management theory and technology knowledge and application ability of Computer Science. After graduation, students can work in large and medium-sized enterprises of computers, electronics, telecommunications, and IC design manufacturing and EDA center, laboratory or training organization. Meanwhile, graduates may apply to study for an MA and Ph.D. of electronics, business administration, and communications in the UK.

Main Courses
The First Year (Studying in GuiZhou Institute of Information Technology, six required courses)
Engineering Mathematics
System Development Methods
Analogue Electronics
Digital Electronics
Program Design and Implementation
English Language Learning and Culture
The Second Year (Studying in GuiZhou Institute of Information Technology, six required courses)
Embedded System Design
Electronic Systems
Digital Systems
Programming with C
English Language & Professional Development Skills
The Third Year (Studying at University of Central Lancashire in UK, six required courses)
Embedded Real Time Systems
Electronic Systems
Digital Systems
IC Design
Programmable Systems on Chip
Individual technical project

Director: Gao Qiaojin

Deputy director:    Kong Jie

Deputy director:    Mao Weixiu


Address: The second floor of the fourth teaching building, No1. Hualian Road, Kaili, Guizhou.

Post code: 556000


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