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Having produced more than 1,500 graduates since its inception, the Department of Economics has an enrollment of more than 1,400 students in 7 majors: Computerized Accounting, E-commerce, Management of Finance, Management of Logistics, Customs Declaration and International Transport, Business Administration, and Investment & Financial Planning. Guided by the mission to prepare students for successful employment, the Department of Economics aims to integrate traditional economic and financial management profession with modern information technology to supply GuiZhou with highly-skilled professionals related to GuiZhou's production, construction, and service industries.

The Department of Economics has an excellent faculty of 63 members with rich educational experience, including 43 professional teachers: 1 professor, 24 associate professors, and 18 assistant professors. Faculty credentials include the following: PhD (11persons), M.Ec (16 persons), M.A.(6 persons) and 10 B Ec. The faculty excels in both education and research. In 2009, its Practical Accounting in Commercial Banking course was qualified as a Guangdong Provincial Exemplary Course. Another course entitled 'E-commerce: Basics and Practice' was honored as a National Exemplary Course in 2006. 'Practical Accounting' was accredited as a Guangdong Provincial Exemplary Course in 2009. Furthermore, the department has established 36 school-level online courses and 6 school-level Exemplary Courses. So far, the faculty members have undertaken three Natural Science Projects from Guangdong Province and GuiZhou city, and our students have won a gold medal in the First National Competition of Logistics Techniques for vocational colleges.

The Department of Economics now has 6 Laboratories (E-commerce Lab, General Business Lab, Net-Finance Lab, Computerized Accounting Lab, E-Logistics Lab, and E-customs declaration Lab) equipped with information technology worth more than 18 million RMB. Each major has established its own training system for vocational skills and certification courses.

In line with the order-based training practice, the Department of Economics has established cooperation with various financial organizations in GuiZhou to instill students with practical skills they need to work as professionals. To facilitate this, our department strives to provide students with both a comprehensive knowledge of their academic fields and the capability to excel in other aspects. Graduates from our Department have been employed by such famous companies as ICBC, ABC, CCB, CNCB, CNBC, CMB, PB, United Security, Maersk, and community offices in different districts of GuiZhou city. Our students have won many prizes, including the first prize in the National Mathematical-Modeling Contest in 2006, a national second prize and provincial first prize in the National Mathematical-Modeling Contest in 2007, a national first prize in the First Tianhuang Cup Essay Competition for Vocational College Students in 2006, a provincial second prize in a Spoken English Contest, and a first prize in Penglao Financial Skill Contest. In addition, in the Second National Language Skills Competition for College Students, we won first prize, second prize and third prize.

Computerized Accounting

Educational goal

To train students to be professionals with high practical capabilities who can not only skillfully use professional software to conduct accounting but also understand the theory and practice of both accounting and economic legislation.

Main Courses

Basic Accounting, Practical Accounting in Business, Cost Accounting, Financial Management, Business Tax Practice, Accounting Law, Audit Practice, English for Accounting, Financial Software, Accounting Qualification, and Integrative Practice for Accounting Job.

Employment Prospect

Graduates from this major have broad prospect for employment because they can deal with general accounting, financial management, auditing, and help develop and maintain accounting software for various companies and organizations in and around GuiZhou and the Pearl River Delta. As GuiZhou aims to lead China in modernization and to maintain rapid economic development, newly arising economic entities will create continuous demand for accounting professionals. It is predicted that graduates who are both computer proficient and familiar with the laws are in great demand.


Educational Goal

To train the students to be highly-qualified business personnel with powerful practical capabilities who not only can use information skills for website construction, network maintenance, and online sales, but also understand modern theory and practice of E-Commerce and use professional software to conduct E-commerce management.

Main Courses

Theory and practice on E-commerce, Marketing, Practical Online Marketing, E-commercial logistics, Design and fabrication for web, Construction and maintenance of E-commerce web, E-payment, International trading, E-commerce Engineer Qualification, Computer Network Technology, English for E-commerce.

Employment Prospect

GuiZhou's E-Commerce industries have continued to boom, which results in an ever rising demand for E-commerce personnel. As GuiZhou's traditional companies begin to use E-commerce more and more, graduates from this major have an expansive employment prospect in fields such as online marketing , logistics management, E-finance, traveling, and management information.

Financial Management and Practice

Educational Goal

To train students to be professionals with practical financial abilities who not only can use information skills to deal with all financial work, but also possess a sound knowledge about financial theories and practice.

Main Courses

Monetary Banking, Basic Calculation and Accounting Skills, International Finance Practice, Commercial Bank Administration, Financial planning and Customer Management, Security Investment, Bank Accounting Practice, E-finance, Insurance, Computerized Accounting, Applied Banking Software, Basic Skills for Accounting, English for Finance.

Employment Prospect

Our graduates are employed in commercial banks, foreign-capital banks, security companies, insurance companies, financial companies, and fund companies. The finance industry is one of four mainstay industries in GuiZhou, ranking among top players in China in terms of number of people employed. Now the financial sector in this city faces more opportunities of development accompanying a call for more open internationalization in the 11th Five Year Plan launched by GuiZhou government which further emphasizes innovation and breakthrough in the finance industry. This undoubtedly indicates more demands for financial personnel and better employment prospect for our students.

Logistics Management

Educational Goal

This major aims to cultivate highly-skilled personnel for modern logistics. Graduates engage in the organization of international and domestic cargo, warehousing, transportation, distribution, import and export customs clearance, freight forwarding and logistics value-added services. They also receive business operation training in logistics (land, sea and air).

Main Courses

Procurement and supplier management, warehousing and distribution management, transportation management, Practical International Trade, customs practices, ERP applications, logistics English, marketing, customer relationship management, Basics of E-commerce , Professional Certificate Courses.
Employment Prospect

Modern logistics industry is one of the pillar industries in GuiZhou. As a national leader, GuiZhou has witnessed a growth rate of more than 20% in this industry. Logistics enterprises in GuiZhou are the best in terms of number and scale in the country. For six consecutive years, GuiZhou ports have been ranked the world's fourth busiest container port. The GuiZhou Airport is a regional aviation logistics center and continues to grow. The rapid development of the logistics industry has led to a shortage of qualified logistics personnel. GuiZhou guarantees sufficient opportunities and effective career development support for students. The employment rate of graduates majoring in logistics is very high. A number of students have entered well-known logistics companies such as Maersk, Maruba, GuiZhou Channelton Logistics Development Co., Ltd., Carry-sun, Hong Kong Export Lines Ltd, Hing Yip Shipping (International) Limited. These graduates have been highly praised.

Customs Declaration and International Freight Forwarding

Educational Goal

This major aims to cultivate knowledgeable personnel with skills pertaining to customs clearance and business customs. In addition to such practical capability, students become familiar with international and domestic freight forwarding business.

Main courses

International Trade Practices, Customs and Inspection Practices, International Freight Forwarding Practices, Modern Logistics Management, Correspondence English or Foreign Trade

Employment Prospect

Among China's cities, GuiZhou has been a top exporter for fourteen consecutive years. It has tens of thousands of import and export enterprises, whose businesses have been increasing rapidly every year. The logistics and port economy in GuiZhou witnesses a great deal of development , which has attracted a large number of foreign port-supporting-service companies to operate freight forwarding services and shipping agencies in GuiZhou. Freight forwarding has become China's international logistics industry. At present, customs declaration and international freight forwarding in GuiZhou have large demand for professional personnel. As existing personnel can not meet the needs, the industry provides a broad employment prospect with a relatively high salary. Job candidates in this field are required to have a strong foundation in English.

Business Management

Educational Goal

This major aims to cultivate highly-skilled professionals knowledgeable in modern management with necessary computer proficiency in business management and familiarity with the actual management practice of various industrial and commercial enterprises such as finance, real estate, logistics and other industries in GuiZhou

Main Courses

Principles of Economics, Management Theory, Operation Management, Production Management, Quality Control, Financial Management, Marketing Practices, Organizational Behavior, Human Resources Management, Financial Accounting, Basic Statistics, Project Management, Management Information Systems, Electronic Business, Business English.

Employment Prospect

GuiZhou is the most developed economic area in china; there are hundreds of thousands of business enterprises. The rapid growth of these enterprises promotes the development of GuiZhou's economy, and it also ensures large demand for management personnel. According to talent market demand trends in recent decades, operation and management professionals consistently rank among the top. With further economic development in GuiZhou, the industrial and commercial demand for management talents continues to heat up. Such growth provides ever increasing employment opportunities for professionals in marketing, business management, logistics management, and real estate.

Investment and Financial Planning

Educational Goal

This major aims to cultivate highly-skilled professionals with a sound theoretical knowledge of accounting, investment, and finance. Students must obtain business and technical capacity necessary for employing the modern means of sustainable investment and financial planning development.

Main Courses

Primary Economics, Investment Theory, Securities Theory, Cash Banking, Insurance Banking, Investment Banking, Retirement Financial Management, Tax Practices, Enterprise Accounting Practices, Financial Management, Customer Manager, Investment Banking and Practical Course.

Employment Prospect

Financial planning is a hot new career. Experts in national professional Testing Center have implemented "national occupational standards for financial planners" which have been effective since January 23, 2003. These standards certify financial planning as a career. GuiZhou is one of the country's most affluent regions, which results in a high demand for investment and financial management personnel. As the financial industry in GuiZhou grows, so does demand for professionals of financial planning.

The employment prospects of graduates are bright. After graduation, students may pursue investment and financial management consulting, management or marketing in banks, insurance companies, investment advisory companies, securities companies and other financial fields etc, and can also engage in financial management in general businesses.

Director: The Dean: Lu Hui

Deputy Director: Yang Jun

Deputy Director: Zheng Haidong

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Address: The second floor of the third teaching building, No1. Hualian Road, Kaili, Guizhou.

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