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Automation Engineering Department


Automation Engineering Department has a reasonable teachers structure, which is high academic standards and is in the prime of life .There are 60 teachers in Automation Engineering Department, including 12 associate professors, more than half of teachers have medium grade professional titles, hiring experienced enterprise engineers as part-time teachers, more than 1,300 students are studying in the Automation Engineering Department now.

The Majors: Electromechanical Integration Technology, Mechanical Manufacturing and Automation, Intelligent Building Engineering Technology, Application and Maintenance of Electrical and Mechanical Equipment, Numerical Control Equipment Management and Application, Welding Automation Technology. Electromechanical Integration Technology is Guizhou provincial demonstrative specialty.

Educational resources: Through years of accumulation the department has rich educational resources, student equipment value more than 8000 yuan / per student. There are machining training center, CNC training center, electrical training center, 15 specialty training rooms, as well as 28 off-campus training base, to carry out "order" training with the enterprises, cultivating students’ vocational skills by combining production and education.

Department achievement: "dual system" teaching reform won the first prize of vocational education reform in Guizhou Province. 2010 by the National Vocational Skills Competition, Teachers won the second prize, Students won the third prize. The department represents Guizhou Province to participate “NC Category, Mechanical and Electrical Skills Competition” which is held in Tianjin once a year and awarded. In 2011 took part in the "Automatic Line" project competition which organized by the National Association of Vocational Education and won a prize. In 2012 took part in” Guizhou College Students' Innovative Design Competition” and awarded.

Employment : Employment destination areas after graduation are: large and medium-sized enterprises production department, sales managers, marketing staff, engineers, technologists, technicians, small and medium business management, technology executives, engineers, technicians, sales staff, in addition, civil servants, army, teachers of vocational schools and access to state-owned enterprises employed. Student employment rate is above 98% at the first time.


Director: Gao Qiaojin

Deputy director:    Kong Jie

Deputy director:    Mao Weixiu


Address: The second floor of the fourth teaching building, No1. Hualian Road, Kaili, Guizhou.

Post code: 556000


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